2020 – Publications, Podcast, Jobseeking

2020 was the most productive year in my life if we look at the number of academic and non-academic publications – I have to add that a number of them were written in 2018. On a personal level, 2020 was difficult because of the isolation of COVID, my own weeks of being ill, and because of the lack of success in finding an academic or cultural job. … More 2020 – Publications, Podcast, Jobseeking

Introducing the International Comics Festival at Budapest

I’m going to briefly talk about the International Comics Festival of Budapest at PesText, a festival celebrating literature in translation. I have been organizing this festival for at least 5 years (though I’m not sure), and I have been main organizer in the past 2 years. This year, in order to celebrate the 15th festival, … More Introducing the International Comics Festival at Budapest

An Interview with Me

I got interviewed by one of the coolest Hungarian websites devoted to SF, Próza Nostra, on the occasion that I was the main organizer of the 15th International Comics Festival of Budapest. Contrary to the past 14 years, when the festival meant basically a single Sunday packed with programmes, this year I made the festival … More An Interview with Me

15th International Comics Festival Budapest

3/1I have survived the busiest couple of months of my life. I have been the main organizer of the 5-day (!) 15th International Comics Festival, Budapest. I have also become the chair of the Ninth Art Foundation, a foundation working on promoting comics culture in Hungary. Here is our festival poster, drawn by Miklós Felvidéki, … More 15th International Comics Festival Budapest

Roundtables on Literary adaptation comics and animation

The Hungarian Literature Copyright Protection Association and Rights management is organizing a two-day conference on the works and heritage of Jenő Rejtő. The event has two roundtables featuring comics artists, and I will be moderating both. What is more, the location of the conference is at a pub, which is the most fitting place to … More Roundtables on Literary adaptation comics and animation

Kids’n’Comics – Exhibition opening

I had the honor to open the Kids’n’Comics (Kölykök és képregények) exhibition at the Deák 17 Youth Art Gallery on 7 Sept 2018. The exhibition has been curated by Bianka Zsigó, and it features the works of contemporary Hungarian comics artists. Here are some pictures from the opening ceremony — you can still visit this … More Kids’n’Comics – Exhibition opening

Catalog of Hungarian Comics I edited has been published

The bilingual catalog on the history of Hungarian comics that I edited in June has been published! And it is beautiful! Thanks to Judit Vincze for the amazing design! The catalog is based on the material of our Comics as Narrative exhibition in the National Széchényi Library (14 May – 28 July 2018), and it … More Catalog of Hungarian Comics I edited has been published

Csepella Olivér: Nyugat + Zombik kritika online

Elérhető az Alföld folyóirat honlapján az áprilisban megjelent kritikám, amit Csepella Olivér Nyugat+ Zombik című képregényéről írtam. Szerettem ezt írni, mert a sok hibája ellenére jó érzés egy olyan képregényről gondolkodni, amely maga is gondolkodik, és egy olyan képregényről mondani valamit, aminek van mondanivalója. alfoldonline.hu/2018/07/kepregeny-a-kolteszet-hatalmarol/ “A képregénynek értelmezésemben két tétje van: a frappáns alapötletet az … More Csepella Olivér: Nyugat + Zombik kritika online


A) Last week (24 May) I was invited to be a participant of a roundtable on the use of popular culture in the classroom, particularly using science fiction in the teaching of literature. The issue has been raised by many educators more qualified to do so than me, as the situation is that Hungarian teenagers … More Roundtables