On Hungarian comics (with Dániel Csordás) at “Esti Kérdés”, M5 Television, 12 May 2017.

On contemporary Hungarian comics (with Gergely Oravecz) at “Közelről,” Kossuth Rádió 9 May 2017.

“The Best Comics of the Year” Report on the 12th Comics Festival and television interview at “Én vagyok itt,” Petőfi TV 9 May 2016. The comics artists featured in the interview are Gábor Molnár and Dániel Csordás, awardees of the 2016 Alfabéta Prize. Link to Video.

On Hungarian Comics (with Gergely Madarász) at “Közelről,” Kossuth Rádió 3 May 2016. Link

On the 12th Comics Festival (with Gergely Oravecz) at “Belépő” Kossuth Rádió 3 May 2016. Link.

On the 12th Comics Festival at “Kultéka” Rádió Q 3 May 2016.

“Comics Heroes Then and Now” Television interview at “Én vagyok itt,” Petőfi TV 25 April 2016. The comics artists featured in the video are Gergely Oravecz and Gergely Madarász. Link to Video


“Hungarian Comics and Comics People”Television interview at “Én vagyok itt,” Petőfi TV 1 December 2015. The comics artists featured in the video are Domonkos Erhardt and Zoltán Fritz.  Link to video.

Radio Interview, Gospel Café 15 July 2015 Link to audio.


“Self-funded, Of Course.” [in Hungarian by Nikoletta Szekeres.] 16 May 2014. Link to article.

Radio interview by Glória Halász. Radio Q, 13 May 2014.

“Interactive Comics Flood.” [in Hungarian by Tímes Garai.] 12 May 2014. Link to article.

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