Comics Reviews and Interviews


Comics Reviews in English

A Review of An Olympic Dream by Reinhard Kleist. The Comics Journal 3 May 2016 Link

A Review of The Motherless Oven by Rob Davis. The Comics Journal 22 February 2016 Link

A Review of Rembrandt by Typex. The Comics Journal 11 November 2015 Link

“Can one still laugh about everything?” Comics Forum 21 March 2015. Link

Reviews in Hungarian

“Kilenc mondat – Molnár Gábor: 5Pallos #2” 31 July 2016 Link

“Is there such a thing as Eastern European Comics?”[article in Hungarian] 8 June 2014Link

“Spaces, Cities, Trivialities. Ben Katchor Comics Artist at the Café Amsterdam Festival,” [article in Hungarian] 4 June 2014. Link

“Tales about Wondrous Desolations Interview with the writer and illustrator of God’s Eighth District.” [article in Hungarian] 16 May 2014. Link

“Comics for Beginners and the Advanced” [article in Hungarian] 13 March 2014. Link

In 2013-14 I was a regular reviewer at, one of Hungary’s largest websites on comics.

Interviews with Comics Artists – in Hungarian

“A rajzolásban minden lehetséges – Interjú Victor Drujiniuval” 11 May  2017 Link

“A párbeszédek maguktól alakulnak” – interview with Hungarian zine artists Bori Rumi and Zsófi Rumi 9 Dec 2016 Link

“Legyen valami íve” – interview with the Hungarian painter and comics artist Attila Stark 8 Dec 2016 Link

“A poén meg akar testesülni, engednem kell” – interview with the Hungarian cartoonist Marabu 7 Dec 2016 Link

“Egy kedves és egy kimondósabb képi világ” -interview with the Hungarian illustrator and comics artist Zsolt Vidák 6 Dec 2016 Link

“A perspektívák világa nem köt le” – interview with the Hungarian comics artist Izsák Ambrus 5 Dec 2016 Link

“Bírni szusszal” [Interview with the Hungarian comic artist Gábor Pápai] Szifonline 01 July 2016 Link

“Experiments in Thinking” [Interview with the Hungarian writer, illustrator and comic artist István Lakatos] Szifonline  05 January 2016 Link

“The Nine Lives of Comics” [Interview with Hungarian illustrator and comic artist Győző Dudás] Szifonline 27 November 2015 Link

“A Universe of One’s Own” [Interview with Hungarian illustrator and comic artist Szathmáry István] 1 October 2015  Link

“How Does a Katana end up in a Comic?” [Interview with Hungarian comic artist Ádám Pádár] Szifonline 23 August 2015 Link

“A good drawing lives and breathes” [Interview with Hungarian comic artist Dániel Csordás] Szifonline 4 June 2015. Link

“Interview with Ben Katchor: Comics go beyond the expressive possibilities of prose” [article in Hungarian] 29 May 2014. Link

“Improvisation and Brilliant Solutions” [Interview with Hungarian comic artist Márton Hegedűs] Szifonline 9 April 2015. Link


“Ezeket a képregényeket keresd a hétvégi képregényfeszten!” Könyves blog. 12 May 2017 Link

“English News from the Port” Műút Online 13 Feb 2017 Link

“English News from the Port” Műút Online 21 Nov 2016 Link

“English News from the Port” Műút Online 29 Aug 2016 Link

“English News from the Port” Műút Online 6 June Link

“English News from the Port” Műút Online 14 March Link

“English News from the Port”Műút Online 21 December 2015 Link

“English News from the Port: Art is not a sanctuary” Műút Online 28 Sept 2015 Link

“Liberty Ltd.: Trespassers Prosecuted – A Review of Liberty Limited by Károly Sándor Pallai.” Empty Mirror 15 March 2014. Link

“Where Does Truth Dwell? A Page by Joe Sacco and the Question of Authenticity” [article in Hungarian] 10 March 2014. Link

“Representing Violence and Death and the Photos from Kiev” [article in Hungarian] 27 Feb 2014. Link