About Me

I am a comics and literary scholar, critic, educator, curator, festival director and translator. I love doing stuff and I love being enthusiastic about what I do. I also love dinosaurs.

I live in Budapest, Hungary, where I am making attempts at freelancing.


I am experimenting with Patreon as an alternative framework for discussing and disseminating ideas influenced by my academic background.

I create written, spoken, and video content on comics and books and focus on a different topic each month.


My monograph, Comics and the Body: Drawing, Reading, and Vulnerability was published in December 2020 by Ohio State University Press.

I have edited two further books.

Hire Me

I am available for writing, reviewing, talking, editing, and managing in both academic and non-academic contexts.

See My CV for References

Get In Touch

  • eszterszep@gmail.com
  • patreon.com/eszterszep

Alternatively, here’s my Twitter

In Hungarian

A Facebook-oldalamon magyarul írok a kutatásaimról és a munkámról.



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