Edited collection has been published

I am really happy to share this piece of news with you:

“Turning the Page – Gendered Identities in Contemporary Literary and Visual Cultures” has been published. It is based on a 2-day international conference for young researchers held in 2014 at ELTE Budapest. My friend Kata Gyuris and I organized this conference, and the newly published book has been edited by Kata, Dóra Vecsernyés and me.

We have papers on soap operas and gender under Communism, ghost writers of female jazz autobiographies, motherhood in Bulgarian theatre, Italo Calvino and Jeannette Winterson, female space in contemporary African novels, crossdressing, reality tv, and many other topics!

Many thanks for Bence Bodó for the layout design, Gergely Oravecz for the cover, and for Judit Friedrich, who is the series editor.

Behold the beautiful cover and the inspiring table of contents, and you can download the full PDF for free via this link: http://www.eltereader.hu/kiadvanyok/kata-gyuris-eszter-szep-dora-vecsernyes-eds-turning-the-page-gendered-identities-in-contemporary-literary-and-visual-cultures/

turning the page covertable of contents


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