I’ve become a curator!

I have always dreamed about curating an exhibition of comics, and I am really happy to have been given the opportunity to organize the contemporary section of the comics exhibition at the National Széchényi Library, Budapest.

The exhibition is called “Comics as Narrative – The 9th Art and Its Icons in Hungary” — or “Kép-regény-történet – A kilencedik művészet ikonjai Magyarországon.” It will be a big one (with Hungarian standards), focusing on comics under Socialism and contemporary works. It will open on 14 May and it can be visited until 26 July.

Unfortunately there are no posters yet, but there will be two versions, and they will be beautiful. 🙂 The one emphasizing contemporary Hungarian comics will feature a panel by Miklós Felvidéki, an amazingly gifted Hungarian cartoonist (https://www.behance.net/nonamefox).

I will post the posters as soon as I am entitled to do so, they are still not finalized.

Here is a piece of official info in Hungarian: http://www.oszk.hu/kiallitasok/kep-regeny-tortenet-kiallitas

And here is my enthusiastic blogging on how I am preparing the contemporary section – also in Hungarian:  https://perezvonsgeometry.wordpress.com/category/kep-regeny-tortenet-kiallitas/

Here are the two posters of the exhibition and some behind the scenes photos:

kép-regény-történet kiállítás OSZK 2018 comics as narrative poster 2018

dudás győzőnél 2
This is me being a serious curator at the home of comics artist and illustrator Győző Dudás. (Photo credit: my friend Péter Major)
There will be some short videos on drawing / inking / coloring, this is a werk photo of Gergely Oravecz at work.

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