Animals and other beasts in fantasy

I am really happy to share that I will be one of the participants of ViTa.

What is ViTa?
ViTa is a day devoted to talking about all things science fiction, fantasy, weird, horror, and gaming. The acronym comes from “Meeting of Worlds” (Világok Találkozása) in Hungarian. This is now the third year that we have ViTa. I have enjoyed the first two as a member of the audience, and will be a participant this year on 30 Nov in Bem cinema, Budapest.

Body and Fantasy
is the title of the roundtable I am participating it. We will start off by discussing a fantasy novel published this year, Irha és bőr / Fir and Skin by Anita Moskát. This is a really sensitive, smart, and also brutal novel in which animals turn into partly human-partly animal creatures. It is cruel and clever, and I especially love the poetic language that is rich in biological metaphors. It is a novel that would really deserve to be made available for the global market. I am sure that many interesting topics will be addressed.

I have written about Irha és bőr in Hungarian on my blog here. I have also flirted with animal studies when I was approaching Julian Barnes’ fiction. The chapter I wrote is here (the cover of the volume looks really amateurish, but the essays in it are really cool).


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