I have started a Patreon page

These past months have been very difficult because it seems that being from Eastern Europe and being primarily a comics scholar (though I have also taught literature) make it impossible to get a job in academia either here in Hungary or in the EU / UK. This has negatively influenced all my other projects, such as our podcast, the various guest posts I write to blogs, the academic articles I should be writing (because I simply do not accept that I should quit) and I became more and more gloomy. I do not want to bore you with this, I am sure you have also had some negative spirals in your life. What usually helps in my case is watching Neil Gaiman interviews and feed on his creative positive energy.

I have also decided to share my work (and also my difficulties) more openly because I love working on/with comics and recently I have felt so dark and alone.

Here is a chain of tweets that explains my motives. You can find my page on patreon.com/eszterszep. I have spent some time in making the tiers personal, have a visit if you have the time.


One thought on “I have started a Patreon page

  1. hello Eszter,
    i do not tweet. Too nervous a person I am. I know society is ugly. The world in otself is OK. I had an academic job and could afford some level of criticism. But that is in NL. Hungary is different cake. Like Russia, Belarus, Poland… I will not advise you to start writing tragedy: though it differs little with comedy, I assume that the content is bothering. Dilemma. Finding a job in quiet corner? all the best, Drager


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