Video: Discussing Comics with Frederick Luis Aldama

I am honored to be part of Frederick Luis Aldama aka Professor LatinX’s videocast series: Frederick invites comics scholars to talk about how they got interested in reading and researching comics, what they do, what are the most important questions that drive them.

In the video, I start with how I arrived at comics scholarship: at the end of my MA I was given the best advice ever, namely, that I should not start a PhD unless I am absolutely dedicated to my topic and to this path. So for a couple of years I did other things, I travelled, I worked as a teacher – and I found comics. (My MA was about John Keats, the Romantic poet and John Locke’s philosophy of language.) I also talk about the most important aspects of my book as well as some recent publications and briefly about Hungarian comics.

I recommend listening to other episodes of the series. I have learned a lot from them, and I think it is fascinating to learn about how many different aspects of comics people are researching. This videocast is also very personal, and it is nice to get to know scholars a bit.

My video was released some months ago but I forgot to write about it here.


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