New Patreon Project: Petr Sís, drawing, protest, post-soviet life

The new project that I am undertaking with the help of Patreon folks is partly a conference presentation and partly an issue I have wanted to explore for a while now.

I have been interested in how postcolonial theories could be used on postsoviet life and stuff – this is happening in literature and in flim, but comics haven’t been studied in this respect. Or not enough.

I am also interested in drawing as a way of protest.

So in the next project I’ll try to explore these ideas: the trick in the whole endeavour is that I have two weeks left until the annual conference of the Comics Studies society.

The first post, in which I introduce the topic and Czech illustrator Petr Sís, is already on patreon for anyone to read – so it is not restricted to Patrons only this time. There are a lot of amazing images by Petr Sís, check it out.

Children’s books by Petr Sís.

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