Alfabéta Prize

The Hungarian Comics Association is responsible for managing the Alfabéta-Prize, the only yearly prize for Hungarian comic artists. I have been member of the preselection committee and the jury since 2013. Any comics published in Hungary can be nominated for Alfabéta, which is usually advertised in two categories: best long comics and best short comics. The preselection committee consists of five devoted Hungarian comics journalists, who read through all the nominated works. They agree on a shortlist of five titles in each category, and each of them invites two people (artists, academics, art historians, publishers) to the extended jury. The final jury of 15 members decides on who gets the prize.

Here is a list of people who have won the Alfabéta since I am also involved in the process:


Best Long Comic: Kittenberger: Fabriqué en Belgique. Written by György Somogyi and István Dobó, drawn by Szabolcs Tebeli

Best Short Comic: A gepárd pöttyei. Written and drawn by Nóra Vincze

Best Webcomic: A walesi bárdok. A poem by János Arany, adapted by Dániel Csordás


Best Long Comic: 5Pallos vol 1. Written and drawn by Gábor Molnár.

Best Short Comic: Idő kérdése written and drawn by Dániel Csordás.


Best Long Comic: Az Ellopott Futár. Based on the novel by Jenő Rejtő. Written by Ferenc Kiss. Drawn by Zsolt Garisa.

Best Short Comic: A Vonal.  Written by Máté Matuszka Máté. Drawn by Áron Kálmán.

Special Recognition for the Best Webcomic: Inkább a Halál. Written and drawn by Imre Papp.


Best Long Comic: A munka gyümölcse. Written by Ádám Pádár. Drawn by Gábor Molnár.

Best Short Comic: Szekerce és Szemerce kalandjai I. Written and drawn by Gábor Molnár.

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