A) Last week (24 May) I was invited to be a participant of a roundtable on the use of popular culture in the classroom, particularly using science fiction in the teaching of literature. The issue has been raised by many educators more qualified to do so than me, as the situation is that Hungarian teenagers have to read a great number of dated texts that border on the unbearable both in terms of narrative techniques and unattractive storylines. This roundtable addressed the issue from an SF angle, plus I was constantly referring to comics and statistics on comics, and, of course, SF comics.

It was in Hungarian, and can be watched here.


B) This week I’ll participate in a roundtable on the history of comics in Hungary. This is an event linked to the Comics as Narrative/Kép-regény-történet exhibition I was co-curating. It will take place at the National Széchényi Library on 31 May, starting at 5 pm.

The National Library also made a short interiew with me (in Hungarian): link.




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