History of Comics Course

I was asked to lecture on the history of comics in the spring term. There are a few things you should know:

#1 I don’t believe in lecturing and any forms of frontal teaching.

#2 I don’t think that students of photography, design theory, or visual communication should sit an exam in the history of comics (in Hungary each lecture must be finished by a written or spoken exam.) They would benefit more about making comics or understanding how they work or getting inspired by them.

I am terrible, I know.

However, this lecture series turned out to be the greatest joy of my spring ’21 quarantine season.

I could transform the course to be less formal, more interactive, more practice-oriented, and a bit more interactive. Here is the syllabus, some creative assignments, and some of the amazing work done by the students.

And some student work to tease you. The first two images are stylistic practice, the third one is an adaptation of a poem, the last one is a page analysis – the exercise comes from Nick Sousanis.


One thought on “History of Comics Course

  1. Dear Szép Eszter,
    I feel so lucky to have found this website and you! I’m a senior Hungarology student at The Ankara University and I’m working on my graduation thesis – The golden age of Hungarian comics. Is there way to attend this course online? Many thanks and kind regards.


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