Drawing and Transforming the Body in Ken Dahl’s Monsters: Video and Sketchnotes

You can watch the 20-minute presentation on Monsters, a very creative and playful comic on STDs by Ken Dahl (penname for Gabby Schulz) on YouTube. This video was made for the Transitions 9: New Directions in Comics Studies conference in 2021.

Before the actual video, I also would like to share sketchnotes made by fantastic artist-researchers during the talk – thank you Muna, John, and Paul!

This sketchnote is by Dr Muna Al-Jawad, aka The Old Person Whisperer, who was the official sketchnoter of our panel:

Dr John Miers also made sketchnotes:

And Dr Paul Fisher Davies mentions this talk in his sketchnote on our panel:

And now the video:
PS: This talk is based on Chapter 2 of my book, Comics and the Body: Drawing, Reading, and Vulnerability.


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