Animals and other beasts in fantasy

I am really happy to share that I will be one of the participants of ViTa. What is ViTa? ViTa is a day devoted to talking about all things science fiction, fantasy, weird, horror, and gaming. The acronym comes from “Meeting of Worlds” (Világok Találkozása) in Hungarian. This is now the third year that we have ViTa. I have enjoyed the first two as a … Continue reading Animals and other beasts in fantasy

Community Comics Library Opened on 13 Dec

Around two months ago Adam approached me with the idea of establishing a comics library. He had a vision of a bookshelf of comics donated by nice people. I immeditely loved the idea. We worked on it for two months. Discussed stuff. Made a Facebook page. The next thing we realized was that there are so many comics donated that there is no more place … Continue reading Community Comics Library Opened on 13 Dec

Roundtables on Literary adaptation comics and animation

The Hungarian Literature Copyright Protection Association and Rights management is organizing a two-day conference on the works and heritage of Jenő Rejtő. The event has two roundtables featuring comics artists, and I will be moderating both. What is more, the location of the conference is at a pub, which is the most fitting place to talk about Rejtő’s novels. Rejtő was a journalist and writer … Continue reading Roundtables on Literary adaptation comics and animation

Kids’n’Comics – Exhibition opening

I had the honor to open the Kids’n’Comics (Kölykök és képregények) exhibition at the Deák 17 Youth Art Gallery on 7 Sept 2018. The exhibition has been curated by Bianka Zsigó, and it features the works of contemporary Hungarian comics artists. Here are some pictures from the opening ceremony — you can still visit this rich and entertaining exhibition till 27 Oct 2018. Exhibiting artists: … Continue reading Kids’n’Comics – Exhibition opening

I’ve become a curator!

I have always dreamed about curating an exhibition of comics, and I am really happy to have been given the opportunity to organize the contemporary section of the comics exhibition at the National Széchényi Library, Budapest. The exhibition is called “Comics as Narrative – The 9th Art and Its Icons in Hungary” — or “Kép-regény-történet – A kilencedik művészet ikonjai Magyarországon.” It will be a … Continue reading I’ve become a curator!

Guest lecture on comics and the body

I am honored to be invited to talk at the next meeting of the Popular Culture Research Group at the School of English and American Studies at ELTE, Budapest (EASPop for short). The talk will be in Hungarian, and it addresses my favourite topic, comics and the body. And behold the amazing poster that the group members have made for me based on a Winsor … Continue reading Guest lecture on comics and the body

Képregényfeszt-szervezés 2016

Azt hiszem minden évben írok egy posztot a képregényfeszt előtt. Ezt a hagyományt eszem ágában sincs megtörni, két köhögőroham között szorgosan verem a billentyűzetet. Erről lesz szó: milyen programokat lehet megszervezni vs. mire lenne igény; előadás vs. interakció, bizalmatlanság a graphic novellel szemben. Először is a képregényfesztiválon az alábbi programok lesznek: – előadássorozat a small press képregénykiadásról nemzetközi (finn) és magyar  ( résztvevőkkel – az Alfabéta-díjra … Continue reading Képregényfeszt-szervezés 2016